Lean in Service and non-manufacturing

What is service ?

Service is anything that has a customer and doesn’t deliver a physical product that the customer can take away, but creates something that its customer needs, desires, requires or demands, and therefore places a value on it.

Examples of service

Local Government
Maintenance department in a manufacturing company
Finance departments
Sales offices
Entertainment industry

What are your service problems ?

Problems in service and non manufacturing

Is there a difference between manufacturing and service organisations ?

Maybe, but only in quite subtle ways:

Organisational DNA Manufacturing companies Service organisations
What do we sell ? Products with a service element Services often packaged as products
What are we made of ? Culture – People – Processes Culture – People – Processes
How can we improve ? – Create flow
– Manage constraints
– Remove waste
– Understand customer value
– Create flow
– Manage constraints
– Remove waste
– Understand customer value
What are the components of our DNA ? – Customer satisfaction
– Employee satisfaction
– Operational excellence
– Customer satisfaction
– Employee satisfaction
– Operational excellence


In manufacturing the main resources are people and then machines. In service your main resource is people. Therefore the only subtle difference is that service needs to focus even more on employee satisfaction and leadership. In this context there may be a difference, in reality for C² Plus leadership is all or nothing, and to be successful it needs to be all !

Therefore the application of lean and leadership will help you to achieve performance excellence.

The goal in service is to achieve performance excellence

Sum of Performance Excellence

For a more detailed definition please see Performance Excellence

C² Plus Consulting approach to improving performance excellence in service

Our aim is to improve your customer service, whilst reducing waste and increasing your capacity, thereby enabling you to sell more with the same amount of resource or to provide a better service with the same resource.

By following this approach you will improve your customer satisfaction, reduce costs and satisfy your employees – a win-win-win situation.

C² Plus can offer a complete implementation solution, bringing along your people step by step as we develop a full lean system within your organisation.

We apply lean tools using goal deployment, KPI review and service level agreements to stabilise and standardise improvements.

Lean in service

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