Quality Management – Getting the fire under control

As a Quality Manager arriving in a business with very poor performance 
I needed to be seen by the customer as a change point, demonstrate that;
1) I understood and appreciated the situation (from their perspective) and
2) I would take rapid, effective and reliable action to protect them from both problems and risk.
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Lean and the Accountant – how the finance professional can add value

As a qualified management accountant (ACMA) who made the jump into General Management within a large manufacturing company, I am disappointed that the most difficult aspect of all of the lean initiatives I have been involved in or lead, has been how to fully engage the Finance Department in the project. Maybe, this has been one-off, and in other companies finance play a leading role, although I tend to think this is not the case.

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Lean Finance – Create stability first

In other articles, I have talked about the whole process of implementing lean in finance. The fundamentals of the continuous improvement cycle apply in any lean implementation. C² Plus Consulting have undertaken a recent improvement project to use lean techniques to improve the Finance, Sales Order Processing and Purchasing systems of a MBO manufacturing company in the West Midlands.

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Defining your strategy

4 stages in developing an effective strategy:

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Lean in Service and non-manufacturing

What is service ?

Service is anything that has a customer and doesn’t deliver a physical product that the customer can take away, but creates something that its customer needs, desires, requires or demands, and therefore places a value on it.

Examples of service

Local Government
Maintenance department in a manufacturing company
Finance departments
Sales offices
Entertainment industry

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