Quality Management – Getting the fire under control

As a Quality Manager arriving in a business with very poor performance 
I needed to be seen by the customer as a change point, demonstrate that;
1) I understood and appreciated the situation (from their perspective) and
2) I would take rapid, effective and reliable action to protect them from both problems and risk.
3) I’m not just going to roll over. [Read more…]

Leadership Lessons: Asking the ‘obvious’ question

Asking questions is the ABC of problem solving

The most effective approach in leadership, as it is in problem solving is simply the asking of questions, and it’s certainly true that ‘if you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t get the right answers’, so why don’t we ask the ‘obvious’ question?

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Leadership Lessons: Where did ‘Grip Self’ lead?


As an automotive Project Manager, I spent my time living in my self contained ‘project world’ not thinking about leadership, just attempting to manage tasks, in reality running around like a stressed and increasingly angry headless chicken [Read more…]

Leadership Lessons: See the leader behind the managers mask

How I unmasked my leadership style

If you’d asked my colleagues about me 10 years ago, I’m sure that they’d have been quick to tell you how cold, direct and uncaring I could be and I’m sure the words grumpy, angry and disagreeable would come up pretty soon, along with some more savoury negatives. [Read more…]