Sector Expertise

Our expertise is here to see – we have experienced most manufacturing industries, as well as utilities, services and transactional.

We also believe that the “fresh eyes” approach has significant advantages. Using lean tools, leadership skills, a practical approach and the ability to take the “helicopter view”, we can support you to make positive changes in your business, whatever the sector.

We have successfully engaged in many roles incorporating all business functional areas – Finance, Operations, Quality, Project Management and General Management to name a few – and we believe this gives us the advantage over other consultants in that we have experienced some of the problems you experience on a daily basis.



Companies worked with   

  • Newall Measurement Systems
  • NRF (UK) Ltd
  • Royal Air Force


  • Lean training
  • Lean leadership


  • Full factory lean training roll-out
  • Lean leadership roll-out aligned to corporate strategy
  • Lean champion mentoring programme
  • Roll-out full visual control and process confirmation


Companies worked with   

  • Toyoda Gosei
  • Honda
  • Kautex Unipart
  • Johnson Controls Automotive
  • Dunlop Automotive
  • Toyota


  • Business Turn-around
  • LCC Factory set-up
  • Programme Management
  • Lean Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • Goal Deployment
  • Supplier Development


  • Cost reduction programme saving £4m
  • Customer Quality improvement – c10,000PPM to c50PPM
  • Delivery improvement – 150DPM to 0DPM
  • Business turn-around – £4m loss to £1m profit


Companies worked withutilities experience

  • Thames Water
  • National Grid


  • Lean Implementation
  • Lean Leadership
  • Process Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Waste reduction savings £ 3.5m (Target £
  • Achieved 75% lean leadership capability measure (Target 50%)
  • Integration support for 5 major improvement initiatives

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Companies worked with

  • Geosynthetics Ltd
  • Goodfish Ltd
  • Burgess Architectural Producs
  • Avis Car Rental
  • Barclaycard
  • National Grid Property


  • Lean Finance and SOP systems
  • Leadership Development
  • Goal deployment process
  • Performance Excellence implementation
  • PPI services quality management
  • Lean finance support for successful MBI
  • Established Lean SOP process to deliver JIT manufacturing
  • Management team goal deployment process in place
  • Successful Leadership deployment programme
  • Setting and training in Performance excellence programme set to achieve on-target savings of £0.7m in first year


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Our LinkedIn Profiles

Chris Cooley                               Chris Turley                           C² Plus Consulting

We recommend connecting with us on Linked-In – but if you have a bit more time here is our full story………

Chris Cooley

Chris C left Sixth form college in 1983 in all honesty under-achieving with 2 A-Levels and no real idea what career lay in front of him.Chris Cooley image

Applying successfully for a job as Credit Controller at a parcel carrier lead him down the route of accountancy, and jobs followed over the next 10 years aimed at widening his skills and experience in different areas of finance and a range of industries, including leisure, retail, insurance, contractors and of course manufacturing.

After taking on roles as Financial Accountant, Management Accountant and Chief Accountant, Chris found himself at Eagle Picher (£20m t/o and 300 employees) in the early part of 1998 as Management Accountant. During this time Chris also gained qualification as a Management Accountant (ACMA). Eagle Picher were a manufacturing company based in the South Midlands producing fluid systems for major automotive OEM’s.  He stayed with the Group, albeit under different ownership for the next 11 years.

Chris’s remit at Eagle Picher was to implement Activity Based Costing and update all costing systems. What he found there, was a company in disarray, leaking poor quality, failing quality and making huge losses. This led Chris to take a much wider business view especially by actively becoming involved in the operations performance improvements, setting up company wide systems and becoming an active member of the newly formed management team. This management team were instrumental in returning the company to profitability, improving key quality and delivery metrics to world-class standards and significantly improving employee motivation.

Eagle Picher were bought out in early 2000 by Toyoda Gosei, a large global Japanese manufacturer and part of the Toyota family. This was an unusual move for TG as they normally set-up overseas companies from green-field sites. Around this time Chris Turley joined TGFS as Senior Quality Manager and joined the Senior Management team tasked with turning round the business.

Due to Chris’s direct approach, wider business sense, connection with the Operations side of the business and leadership training, Chris was rapidly promoted from Finance Manager to Finance Director and then General Manager. Here Chris set-up a production facility in Czech Republic, set-up and championed a leadership development programme for all managers and supervisors and continued the lean improvements using Japanese and European best practice.

In 2005 the opportunity arose to take charge of the company’s factory in Rotherham. As Senior General Manager, Chris has control of all company functions and was tasked with the job of turning around an ailing company of 800 people, £40m turnover with significant quality and delivery issues, a broken and demotivated workforce and incurring significant losses on an annual basis.

Through the application of leadership development, lean implementation, quality management and a back to basics philosophy, Chris and the Senior Management team were able to turn the company around – Quality improved from c700ppm to less than 50ppm, failed deliveries were zero and annual cost reductions of c£4m were achieved.

In 2009, the recession hit hard, volumes reduced dramatically and Chris had to reduce the workforce by a quarter (200 people). This was done with no appeals or tribunals, beating all cost targets and with improved employee motivation. Having been with the group for over 11 years and wanting new challenges Chris took an opportunity to leave TGUK and set-up Lean QCD with Chris Turley in late 2009………

Chris Turley

Chris T joined the RAF in late 1983 having left school earlier that year with aChris Turley image handful of ‘O’ levels, a sense of relief and pangs of under achievement .

Chris’ chosen trade was Aircraft Propulsion Engineering and after completing basic military & then technical trade training, postings to Lyneham in Wiltshire, with the fleet of Hercules transport aircraft, & Brüggen near Dusseldorf, with Tornado GR1 strike/attack aircraft, followed. Chris was Discharged from the RAF in early April 1990,  after 7 years of highly enjoyable, memory packed service which has made a long lasting and indelible impression both personally and on his career.

Chris was quickly recruited by Honda in Swindon, working initially within their rectification teams and then via promotion to the Engineering Staff  (the first non-graduate to achieve this) of the Parts Quality chassis team, working within the supply chain with suppliers of  fuel, brake and suspension system components, based in the UK and Europe, including Toyoda Gosei (Eagle Picher as was) a company that would form a key part of his future career.

After 7 very successful years at Honda, Chris was headhunted by one of his fuel system suppliers, Kautex Unipart, who were in the initial stages of a ‘brown field’ site set up in Coventry. After successfully leading the Land Rover Freelander fuel system project from concept to SOP, he was promoted into the challenging role of Programme Manager for the company’s multi customer portfolio of projects with Land Rover, Jaguar, Rover Group, BMW and Honda, and then, 12 months later, into the very challenging role of Supplier Development Manager, tasked with addressing what had become the key business issue, a weak and unreliable supply chain. The most problematic supplier in the chain was TGFS in Market Harborough. Over the next few months a significant amount of Chris’ time was spent working with and supporting TGFS, and despite the difficult & demanding circumstances, a relationship began which would last for the next 10 years.

In April 2000, and clearly looking for a challenge, Chris joined the Senior Management Team at TGFS as Senior Quality Engineering Manager, an environment which proved to be a steep learning curve for Chris, stretching him professionally and personally, leading him to make significant strides forward, but not before surviving some of the most challenging and testing times.

After 2 years of hard struggle, and having complained about projects once too often, Chris was promoted into the combined role of Senior Quality & Programmes Manager, taking on the additional responsibility for our portfolio of 50+ projects for European based automotive OEM’s including; Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Aston Martin and Lotus, as well as multiple Fuel System supply chain companies including Inergy, Kautex Textron & Perkins diesel Engines.

The following 3 years would certainly prove to be a challenge, however they were also successful and enjoyable (most of the time) and would enable lesson learning that was key to Chris’ development.

Chris’ time at TGFS ended in June 2005 by way of voluntary redundancy, following the collapse of MG Rover, which had a significant impact at TGFS. However that wasn’t the end of Chris’ relationship with TG and shortly after he was contacted by Chris C, who was now ‘neck deep’ at TG UK in Rotherham and looking for some support.

Chris’ joined the senior team at TG UK in February 2006 as Senior Quality Manager, initially for a 3 month period, and he had to hit the ground running as the situation with their customers was close to critical. Not only were the levels of performance unacceptable (Quality, Cost & Delivery), the workforce was extremely demotivated and were in affect ‘broken’, and the parent company were under significant pressure to act. The challenge lay in managing the risk whilst delivering the improvements, and what became clear was that in effect the business needed to be redeveloped from the ground up, a huge task given the circumstances. Chris’ leadership skills and experience were vital in successfully managing and supporting the customers and leading, motivating and developing the staff to a point where responsibility could be shared while still managing the risk effectively.

TG UK provided the biggest challenges of Chris’ career to date, and also some of the best successes, Customer quality performance improved by 83%, Internal quality performance improved by 46% and 100% on time delivery. But more significantly, the development and improvement in staff performance and morale was dramatic and the lasting effect this had on the business environment and capabilities was immeasurable.

Chris’ initial 3 month contract at TG UK finally ended after 3½ years (and 120k miles commuting on the M1).

The next stage began with the set up of Lean QCD in September 2009…..

Careers merge

When the Chris’ first worked together at TGFS, their relationship was one based on challenges and clashes as they are both strong willed and passionate and had yet to come to appreciate each others motivation and skill sets. This combined with the dynamics of the senior team led to some interesting exchanges and a sometimes tense and even aggressive atmosphere. However what was becoming clear was that as individuals they were focused on what they believed was best for the business, sometimes ahead of what was best for themselves and their departments. The senior team at TGFS recognised that they needed to develop their teamwork and leadership abilities so they engaged in a development programme with The Leadership Trust. Each member of the team attended the residential Leadership In Management course at the Trusts’ Ross-on-Wye facility. This experience had a significant effect on both Chris’, delivering a self awareness which overtime enabled them to appreciate not only their own strengths and opportunities for improvement but those of their colleagues. The Chris’ realised that although they approach things from a different perspective, they were both driven by similar motivations and the resulting potential could be very effective. The management team at TGFS became a very influential and effective team who delivered huge improvements in all areas of the business.

The next stage of development took place in Rotherham where the Chris’ facilitated and delivered a business ‘re-launch’ from the ground up, turning TG UK’s performance and reputation around in the process. The success of the people aspects of this phase are viewed by both Chris’ as amongst their most significant achievements.

The culmination of this process was realised with the launch of Lean QCD Limited in September 2009, which through continuous improvement has now developed into  C² Plus Consulting .


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